1. 50 Photos of New York


  2. Moon Rise LA Part II


  3. Hollywood Day to Night


  4. My city!


  5. Sad to have lost all my photos taken in Washington DC, so no tumblr set, luckily I sent this #timeslice to my drop box.


  6. 42 Photos of Sunset (Los Angeles)


  7. Continuing my exploration of time in the still frame. Thirty minutes of sunrise from sixty plus photos.


  8. Longer than a New York Minute


  9. as the moon goes down the sun comes up… #time_slice (at Dockweiler State Beach)


  10. 3 minutes of twilight… (at Los Angeles, CA)


  11. 23 photos of sunset … (at Runyon Canyon Summit)


  12. day vs. night (at Park Row Bridge)


  13. L.A. All Day (at Los Angeles)


  14. Los Angeles Day & Night (at Chavez Ravine)


  15. Moon Rise Time Slice…. this is a collage of 11 photos taken over 27 minutes and 59 seconds